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Posted on March 14, 2011

Summer comes early to Texas. It started to feel like late spring  in February, and I’m expecting the weather to get really hot in April. Last summer I was dying in the car with broken conditioner (don’t ask) and I still have the worst memories about Houston heat, so I’m not looking forward to summertime (at all).

Meanwhile, researching the trends and doing some shopping for the next season (I am still some kind of excited to give some seasonal updates to my wardrobe) I stumbled upon a picture of a pretty silk lace Louis Vuitton hand fan in the March issue of Nylon and fell in love with the accessory.

Although hand fans have always been around, I personally have never been obsessed with them and even annoyed by some designs (like cheap looking paper hand fans decorated in pseudo oriental style).

However, a hand fan can be one very cool (and not only in a functional way) accessory, and here are some reccomendations on how to make it look more fun.

1. Lace hand fan will not help you to cool down on a hot day, it’s more of a decorative thing. Chose a solid fan: wooden, plastic or a fan decorated with thick piece of cloth, not lace.

2. Don’t try to dress like a geisha or a flamenco dancer to match your hand fan. Kabuki-style make up, flowers and wooden sticks in your hair will make the whole outfit look like a joke (so damn tacky). Instead, let your hand fan to be a fun accent.  Play tough, try it with camo pants, converse sneakers, anything shabby-looking. Or dress up like a modern day princess, pulling up a romantic look.

found on Google Pictures

found on Google Pictures

found on Google Pictures

3. Taking pictures please, I beg you, Do Not cover your face with a fan, so people can only see your eyes. This trick is getting molded and smells bad. Try something new.

Don't fukin do it (found on Google Pictures)

4. No feathers. Unless you are a burlesque dancer or a drag queen (meaning you are up to some kind of performance).

Don't whore it up (found on Google Pictures)

I recently got two vintage hand fans on ebay, a black lace one and a beige one with hand painted flowers. Will be posting some pictures soon!

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