Deborah Lippmann Between The Sheets manicure

Posted on June 24, 2011

Sharing pictures of my nails painted with Between The Sheets nail polish. It’s not my paint job, I got my nails done at the salon, and since they are made of solar powder it’s hard for me to tell if this polish lasts long or not: acrylic and solar powders hold the polish tight, for up to a month. Any polish.

I’m sorry but I had to airbrush the cuticle. The master’s hands were shaking or something, and she painted the cuticle too.

Deborah Lippmann - Between The Sheets

It’s a gorgeous bright¬† color, very saturated purplish pink, I dont know how to describe it better (well, actually, if you google “purplish pink color”, as I did just now, you will see it’s a quite precise description). It does not scream, but definitely makes a statement.

One more picture (I tried to be artistic.. lol)

Between The Sheets

I can’t take my eyes off my hands, this polish is very pretty, sexy, never tacky ans I would say it is also work-safe. I want to wear Between The Sheets forever, but next week I will change it for Radium (which is not work-safe by any means:) )and show you the pictures.

See you tomorrow with some heavily photoshoped pictures!

Update: I got ALOT of compliments from random people on this polish, like no other.¬† It’s so juicy, definitely in my favorites!