Illamasqua Radium Manicure. Green Monster.

Posted on July 1, 2011


What can I say… I don’t like this polish, I would actually say I detest the color and feel sick looking at it.. lol -) As I said yesterday, I was not thrilled by Radium. After having this polish on my nails for an hour and a half I had to remove it and paint them with Between The Sheets again (it is gorgeous). The warm lime green color was making my beauty sensors ache, literally. The shimmer is pretty, and the color would not be so sickening if it had a cool undertone. I was expecting Radium to be a neon green polish, but it is not. This color is bright but at the same it is time soft, warm and not attractive. Radium is not a crisp refreshing lime, it’s not spring grass, it is Shrek, himself.

Another lame thing about Illamasqua’s Radium – the lid. It’s square and incredibly inconvenient. And the polish itself seemed to be a little thick.

In July’s Allure issue there is a suggestion to wear Radium on the toe nails. I would not even do so… That’s how much I hate it :) )

If somebody reads this blog and dies to get Illamasqua’s Radium, I can send it to you, gimme your contacts. The only thing: I will pay for the shipping within the US but might ask for help with the international shipping. The polish will be yours for free.

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