Weekly summary with pictures. The Most Random Stuff.

Posted on July 10, 2011

Hello there -)

I am stressed and nervous and my skin is itching an Oooh there are some things going on that really bother me. I cannot tell right now what are those things, but be sure I will write a post about all this BS when it’s over.

Anyway. I did some make up shopping this week again and am currently waiting on lilac Shiseido lipstick. I really want to spend some more money on make up and clothes to cheer myself up, but trying to hold on and wait for at least another week.

On Wednesday I was happy to get rid of that yellow hair color I’ve had for the last 2 month, now my head is not-so-light (haha, funny joke, everybody, laugh!)  but the color will wash off a little bit with time. I like how I look with dark hair, way more natural.

Makeup-wise I was happy to discover Shiseido Opera eyeshadow and Clinique High Impact Mascara, both great products. I also tried that cleansing Mu Tenka oil by Cow, cannot tell if it would work well with heavy make up but it seems to work with my thin layer of loose powder. I mean.. I don’t know. I need to use it longer to understand if it really cleans my skin as well as Clarisonic does. Cleansing Oil is definitely an exotic type of product for me.

Ok, I got some random pictures for you -)

This is what helps me to relax and get my mind off all this BSht. My Red Wine

The weather is so hot, I am barely making it. The only good thing about this heat – I got to wear some of my fav dresses, this is one of them.

New bracelets from my Nice Shop

My most frequently worn shoes. Very comfortable.

My beary best friend -) Huge mu**ka ! St Valentine's Day present from my husb.

This is it, whish I was able to take more pictures.. Will be working on it next week tho -)