Weekly Summary with Pictures.

Posted on July 16, 2011

Hello dear readers -)

I just came back from the movie theater, we were watching the last Harry Potter movie. Kind of sad that it is all over.. The movie was ok, not as deep as the book is (ah, always), but quite entertaining. And my eyes still got wet at one moment when they were showing Snape’s memories, a very nice screen interpretation. Damn, I sound like a nerd.

Yesterday I received my first botox injections in the forehead. I do frown and move my eyebrows alot and I should have done it a year ago because things were getting worse and those 20 units on my coupon were not enough (although I showed some resistance and did not purchase more). There are 4 days for botox to kick in, so I cannot tell much now, but hopefully I won’t be able to frown for a while which will help me to get rid of the habit.

I  found a couple of cute things for my Nice Shop and will be listing them soon.

Tomorrow my good friend is having a small birthday party, we haven’t been hanging out together for quite a while and I am looking forward to seenig her. This bracelet will be her BD present. Made with luuuv -) (More luv here.)

Cherries have always been my favorite fruit (or is it a berry?), so I’m celebrating every summer day with a bowl of juicy joy. Although sometimes I have to share it..

eyes of a snake!

And, at last, “a piece of me” .. Shoes Of The Week =)

                 How was your week ??