Weekly Summary with Pictures. Rivers of Argan Oil, Pizza and Sparkles.

Posted on July 24, 2011

A am being kind of depressed these days, a lot of stuff is going on and I do not like it.

I still haven’t got my permanent make up fixed, the salon is bullshitting, they promised me laser correction¬† and I came there 3 times for it, each time I could not receive the procedure and only on the third time I found that they do not even have a laser. And all this time they were making appointments for me promising that my permanent brows will be fixed! And the salon is positioning itself as high-class… I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau with all the names and positions, because I am seriously tired of this story and won’t be dealing with them on my own any more. 2 month of bullshit! Enough for me.

I am also waiting for some very important papers to be mailed to me, and apparently there is some delay or problem, I should have received them this week, but I did not and it makes me so nervous!!

Today, to relieve the pressure and to somehow de-stress, I went to the Mall and did some shopping, mostly make-up. I also had to get the Smart Cover for my iPad, I expected it to be $39 but it turned out to be priced $69 at the Apple Store, which I discovered only at the cash register. I am sure I saw smart covers for $39 at BestBuy and I have no idea why there is such a difference.

If you shop alot at Sephora, right now they have pretty amazing 500-point perks: Caudalie skincare set, something else and Josie Maran set which I chose. I like JM Argan Oil alot, I used to apply it on my face at night to  get glowing skin in the morning and I was also adding it in the hair masks, it is very moisturizing. The set contains mini-lip gloss with a tempting smell of caramel, mini-mascara, mini-versions of cleansing oil, argan oil hair serum and pure argan oil.

This week I slipped off my diet-and-exercise routine a little bit and indulged into pizza and couch-potato lifestyle. But I should admit, that was very enjoyable, especially the pizza part: Freschcetta is really, really great!

From pizza to random treasures: my favorite long lost and recently found earclips. I was cleaning the luggage bag that I brought from Russia and there they were, resting in one of the pockets, waiting to be found after 2 years of oblivion. Big, shiny and stunning.

And, to finish up, one more pretty picture. Lashes, glitter and sequins -)

How was your week and weekend? Have you done any shopping? -)

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