Deborah Lippmann – “Pop Life”

Posted on July 29, 2011

Oh my god, last 2 days have been so crazy! Yesterday I found out that I can legally go to Russia, just in time, because I was about to change my flight, which is this Monday. I have been packing, finishing what I need to finish, tomorrow is an urgent shopping day, then more packing and on Monday I am finally, after 2 years of being away from home, flying to The Motherland to stay there for 5 weeks.  I am very, very excited to see my family and friends, I miss them alot.

So this is another quick post about¬† Deborah Lippmann “Pop Life” nail polish.

Deborah Lippmann "Pop Life"

It is a great, easy to apply, very juicy pink polish which is perfect for spring and summer. You won’t make a wrong choice picking this color – a careless, little bit Barbie-like, strawberry-watermelon, hard candy shade will flatter every skintone. It is by no means unique, very simple but incredibly attractive.

This is the only picture I took, and there is also an Essie top coat over it which I applied while my mind was absend: I forgot that I wanted to show the polish without this glossy layer. Omg, I can barely put my thoughts together into a decent writing!

Yes, all I am thinking about is my trip home, I am travelling with my Best Friend who now lives far from me in South Carolina and I am already anticipating all that fun we will have together. Although I will be busy, I still promise to be posting entertaining stories with pictures mixed with make up-related entries.

Aahhhhh I am so crazily excited =))

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