Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow #8, Vanites

Posted on September 18, 2011


I wanted this quad really bad, and last week I finally got it.

Chanel eye shadow quad #8 Vanites is reportedly revamped, which means that it hasn’t been produced for a while and just recently Chanel supposedly improved the quad and restarted the production. I heard that the regular Chanel quads are kind of chalky and not too pigmented. Unfortunately, it looks like they really are. But being stupid and relying just on the swatches and reviews I ignored this characteristics, hoping that the “revamped” version is going to be as soft and silky as Topkapi (oh my.. that one is a perfection!). Well, may be not As soft, but somewhat close.

My main mistake was ordering Vanites online, I should have gone to the store to test the texture. I can still return the quad, but I am totally sold on the colors. This means, I will had to suck it up an make this eye shadows work.

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow #8 Vanites

Yes, I am really disappointed with the quality of this palette, I cannot see the color on my eye lids, except for the darkest shade,  I see only glitter (cannot call that “shimmer”). And it’s a shame, because the colors are complex and totally adorable, my favorite is that brownish-purple with gold flecks in it which is in the lower right corner. To make the following swatches, I had to apply the shadows super thick.

Yeah, Vanites are perfect for creating a messy panda-eye… but I think I figured out how to use them. I apply this quad over NYX jumbo eye pencil in 614, Lavender without blending. This way the eyeshadow attaches better and reveals its great color. Although this pencil works great, I want to get nude cream eyeshadow or Mac Paint Pot and use it as a primer.

So, it seems like I made this thing work, and I should say the palette looks great over some sticky base. Now, I really wanted to get Lilium, but since my recent experience with Vanites was not pleasant I will think twice and look for the similar colors from the other brands. I know Mac has a bunch of greens, but  .. Idk, Mac does not inspire me. But I might sacrifice the pleasure of use for a better color payoff.

Will be posting an FOTD with Vanites next week, as well as another FOTD with Illamasqua’s Mould (the sponge brush is coming!)


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