Chanel eyeshadow quad in Lilium.

Posted on November 10, 2011


For those who have brown/hazel eyes green and purple eyeshadows are probably the best option to emphasize the eye color. A swipe of silky, pigmented eye shadow is very flattering, but it is very important to find the shade that suits you, and it is better to be in the right texture. Greens and purples can have cool as well as warm undertones to match different skin colors.

What was all that about? I have 2 palettes, one of greens and one of purples, and both times I missed it, I got the wrong colors with the wrong (same) texture from the wrong (same) brand.

Chanel quad in Lilium was released this summer and since then I was tempted to get it, fantasizing about how nice those greens would look on me. Internet swatches and reviews looked good, claiming the shadow to be silky and soft, so I gave in. I should have known better, because I already had Vanites and I should say am not a fan of that quad’s texture and pigmentation. But for some reason I decided to be stubborn and bought the Lilium quad.
The palette looks beautiful. All four colors promise softness and good color payoff… Until you actually try to apply them. And then the struggle begins. I did not discover anything new with Lilium that I did not come across with Vanites: same chalky, hard texture, the nice shimmer is barely noticeable, the colors look less vibrant and cheerful when applied. When I use only greens they look like I have my makeup done in grey colors. Also, in the palette the shadows look pretty neutral, but on my eyes they transform into cool-toned.
I did not like using this quad by itself, neither over the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and I also did not like it over the green NYX (jumbo) pencil. What I am going to do now is to go to Sephora and look for shimmery light green cream eyeshadow which will serve as a base for Lilium (hope such eyeshadow exists). If I was stubborn enough to buy this quad I will also be stubborn to make it work for me. And then I will celebrate the completion of the challenge with an FOTD.
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