Horizon De Chanel Blush, Spring 2012.

Posted on December 26, 2011


The holidays aren’t over yet, but Chanel has already presented Harmonie de Printemps, the spring makeup collection of 2012. When I went over to the Chanel counter at my Macy’s I was not looking to buy anything in particular, just wanted to check out the collection, but I ended up falling in love with almost the whole thing except for the nail polishes. None of the polishes seemed attractive to me, but I hope my opinion changes.

I wanted to get only one item at that time and was torn mainly between the blush and the eyeshadow quad. I chose the blush and will take a second look at the quad later (that deep currant shade is beyond beautiful!). I also really liked lip products.. Chanel made a very nice spring collection!

At first sight Horizon De Chanel does not seem extraordinary: generic cool pink and warm (peachy) pink shades alternating with plum, white and gold stripes, each with different amount of shimmer. But this alternation turns out to be perfect! It creates quite a remarkable flush: fresh, healthy, dewy. The color is pretty sheer, but just a couple of swipes is enough for an everyday look: Horizon De Chanel is nicely pigmented.

Most of all I adore the finish of this blush: it creates the effect of a very well moisturized skin. If I saw Horizon on another person I would think it is a cream blush simply for the fact that normally pressed blushes don’t look that vivid; powder product would not give that much glow to your skin.

Since I bought Horizon de Chanel I am hooked on it and use this blush every day. It is a perfect shade that would work with any makeup (and you can also vary the “temperature” of the color slightly by choosing to use either the top or the bottom part of this blush).  Another thing about it that I was pleasantly surprised with – its staying power. When after a day in Horizon I came to the gym at approximately 8 pm I could still see it on my cheeks, even in that dull semi-halogen light.

I would not call Horizon De Chanel “the must have of all must haves”, but it will certainly be appreciated by those who like the finish of cream blush but don’t find creamy formulas convenient to use every day. And it is also perfect in all the aspects :)


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