Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Vernis #02 Riviera, Summer 2012

Posted on July 3, 2012


Hm. Am I really writing again? I certainly am although I still cannot believe that I found strength to come back to blogging. Also, there is alot going on in my life right now, I am not even in Texas at the moment but in Cali, trying to make some major changes.

You know, the longer you don’t do something (even if it is something that you really like) the harder it is get back to doing it? It is not the first time I encounter such a situation in my life but I cannot tell that I learned to manage it properly.  I am sure I will still be struggling with writing on a regular basis but good thing is I started!

So I will probably be changing my blog a little, will be trying different topics and forms of writing. It will still remain a beauty blog but hopefully I will get organized enough to embrace the other topics.

Anyway, today I want to start with showing you one nail polish that I have been madly obsessed with for the last couple of months  - Guerlain Vernis #02 Riviera from this summer’s Emilio Pucci collection. I kind of regret that I only bought the nail polish and still hope to get those beautiful Meteorites (more about The Beautiful Meteorites in Russian). I really hope they are not completely gone (sure there are some left in Texas, lol).

Riviera is a deep metallic blue with some purple in it (my favorite type of blue!!), an incredibly vibrant color, stylish and charismatic. With that tiny multicolored shimmer it makes the nails look like true jewels. No need in rings and bracelets, Riviera is a great statement nail polish.

The consistency is a little bit thick to my taste and it takes longer for the polish to dry, so I have to make sure I’ve got extra time for my manicure, but it’s totally worth the final result. I love it so much, cannot get over it! Its not your plain dark blue, not a simple metallic, Riviera is a uniquely deep, dramatic shade shining in all the dimensions. Very appealing!

I think Guerlain came up with the most beautiful collection of this summer, also  Terracotta that preceded the main collection was exceptional. This week I will be writing about the gold power from Terracotta collection 2012 and I should say it is amazing.

See ya soon ! (yes, “soon” is sooner than 3 months)

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